Do you have insurance?

Yes! (And you should only work with photographers who do.) If your venue needs to see proof of insurance, please let me know ahead of time!


How many other events will you photograph on our wedding day?

Only one: yours. I'm deeply invested in your wedding day, so I also keep a self-imposed cap on the number of weddings I photograph each month and year so that I'm never spreading myself too thin.


Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel throughout the South and across the country (and worldwide too- my passport and I are ready when you are). About 1/3 of my weddings are outside of Georgia, so I'm always excited and ready to go wherever your wedding might take me! If you're getting married someplace extra special or at a place that's on my Wedding Photography Bucket List, reach out to me for special pricing.


What's your stance on "Unplugged Weddings"?

Honestly? I think they're the best way to make your wedding feel more warm and intimate, even if you're currently staring down a 200+ guest count and wondering if that's even possible. There's nothing nicer than standing in front of your loved ones as you begin your marriage than looking out at everyone and seeing their faces smiling back at you. Ultimately, this is a very personal decision that each couple should make on their own- and I'm going to support you no matter what. (Needing a compromise? Keep your ceremony phone-free but blast out a wedding hashtag for the reception's revelry and any dance-offs that may ensue!)


What kind of cameras do you use?

Professional-grade Canon digital cameras and lenses.


Do you require a deposit? What about the rest?

I require a thirty percent retainer at contract-signing to book your wedding date. The remaining balance is due 6 weeks before your wedding date. For elopements booked less than six weeks in advance, I'm happy to work out a different payment schedule with you!


How far in advance do we need to book?

Most couples tend to book their photographer shortly after choosing a date and venue. I am busiest in the spring (March, April, May) and fall (September, October, November), so those months, as well as holiday weekends, always fill up sooner.


Can I buy prints or have prints made on my own?

Both! Remember: all of my wedding packages always include your final photos in high-resolution jpg format and a print release for your personal use… and I also offer individual print pricing via your password-protected gallery. I keep print pricing at cost and they’re shipped directly to you. This is particularly good for families and friends that might be a bit more far-flung; they can order what they want and have them shipped directly to their homes.


Do you have back-up equipment? And what if you break both legs and can’t be our wedding photographer?

I always (always, always) bring back-up equipment. I have two additional camera setups and multiple lenses, plus back-up lighting and everything else I can possibly have triplicates of. I’m not a light packer.

I also have a really great network of amazingly talented photographer friends who can step in for me in case there’s ever a real emergency. It’s never happened, but knowing I’m prepared puts everyone (including me) at ease.


My parent(s) or someone else is paying for our wedding photography. Who signs the contract? 

I strongly recommend you sign the contract, even if someone else is taking care of things financially. Planning a wedding can sometimes make for some sticky family dynamics, and because I'm your advocate and will be by your side for practically your entire wedding day, it's always best if your name is the one on your wedding contract. 


How long will it take for us to get our photos after the wedding? 

I like to blog a preview of your wedding photos a few weeks afterwards and will deliver all of your final images no later than 4-6 weeks after your wedding. 


Will you work with a shot list?

Yes and no. Please tell me all about how your families burst into crazy Polish folk dances at every wedding they go to, or that you have a really special connection with your grandma, or that all your college friends are flying in from all corners of the globe just for your amazing wedding! I love these things!

But if you’re already building a ten-page list of “Most Important Wedding Photos I MUST HAVE BECAUSE PINTEREST SAYS SO”, I am probably not be the best fit for what you’re looking for. Shot lists can be less than ideal because they encourage an unrealistic expectation of timing and take away from moments that are happening all around- spontaneous, honest moments I might otherwise miss if I’m checking my way down a list of a hundred “must-have” shots that will make your wedding look like everyone else’s. Don’t worry. I promise I won’t miss your first kiss or the formal family photos you want or any of the important things that you’ll want to remember.

I’ll send you a questionnaire a few weeks before your wedding to talk about the details: things like family groupings your mom will love, important traditions you’re carrying on, and family dynamics I should be aware of. I’m there to help make things easier for you. Don't worry about shot lists. Have an extra glass of champagne and be that much more present for your wedding instead. It's going to fly by.


More questions? Want to meet in person or set up a Skype date? Email me whenever you’re ready.